Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gannett is just a progressive war mongering company!!

I've been to HONDURAS.... Got to go to the same bars as Oliver North.

How cool is that?

Gannett is just a progressive war mongering company!!

Jim Demint an Ally of Carlos Ghosn's Former Right Hand Man Jim Morton (From South Carolina) is LEAVING the Senate.  Sharyn Told... The Iran Contra Profiteers are Being "Cleansed" From the GOP .... Evidently Obama Has Some Balls &/or Jim Demint Wants to Land Unlike (Condor Passengers) DeMint Wants to Land Safely..... I Too Want to Land Safely ....

Fyi- All my helicopter memories involve the delivery of politicians, beer or coke (not Pepsi)

At least NOW people will know what the Heritage Foundation "really" stands for.

Personally I like Free Market Think Tanks... Although-the Military Industrial Complex is VERY important to society BUT the constitution is important.  Some of what Mr. DeMint was involved with "should" be criminal... actually it is... That's probably WHY he took the "deal"...There are some good people at Heritage so I wish Mr. DeMint well..This has been on for a LONG time

  1. News for jim demint
  2. CBS News

    1. DeMint Will Leave Senate to Run the Heritage Foundation

      New York Times ‎- 3 hours ago
      Senator Jim DeMint, a conservative Republican from South Carolina, helped ignite the Tea Party movement.

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