Monday, June 30, 2014

Bob Dickey Gonna Play a Round of Golf to Honor Howard Baker... That Mans Death Made a LOT of People Happy. The Fact is He Created Tyranny on Earth & I Hope They Threw Sun Screen in the Casket Cause He'll Need It Where He's Going.... Lamar Alexander is Corrupt as **** Ya'll Know it at Gannett BUT Not Report Stories That Would Make Society Better... Why?

Howard Baker one of the TOP Architects of the 1979 Khomeini "deal"& led IRAN CONTRA cover up and did Lockerbie cover up and let his friend Jim Haslam profit from Khomieini using Vitol Energy and it's all linked to the BNP Paribas deal... Yes I'm ranting about the move to get rid of Jimmy Carter in "79" it's all linked to a MIC/CIA clique that abuses people, the courts and 3rd world nations for personal gain & NOW taxpayer funded funeral props.... it's just disgusting !!!

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