Friday, April 27, 2012

Bob Dickey.... Your Comments Please..... Kate Marymont I DID Know it Was Dickey Who Was the "Connection" to Rahm Emanuel.... But to Get Information I Had to Put Out YOU Were the "Meany"... Still YOU Sold Your Soul. People (Not SIlverman) Said YOU Used to Be Fair.... Success Tainted You.. My Thought is YOU Did Bob's DIRTY Work. Lunch?

"........The protesters arrested for Occupying Nashville, specifically Legislative Plaza after the 10 p.m. curfew, come from different walks of life but share some common traits. For the most part, they’re white and unemployed or underemployed. They feel let down by the American Dream and hope their participation can make the country better for others....."    

I was a whistleblower who had NOT had her reference returned or training promised by NISSAN after i whistleblew.....   I went to NISSAN thinking it was OK since the man that ordered the letter telling me I could not longer be on NISSAN property was "sent back to Paris"  he left NISSAN North America AFTER I put his name on my blog for being a "bad spender of taxpayer money" and the man that asked congress for over 1 billion dollars from the Dept. of Energy.

Yet I endure 3 arrest` jailed 3 times and a 4th warrant that was "accidentally" put in the system.  I had excessive court cost, attorney fees, 19 months of my life fighting charges.  My blood pressure is high and NISSAN has still not done what they promised after abusing me for whistle blowing,

A guy who makes professional videos has called me.   He wants to "make America aware" ....   Governor Haslam...   Do I have to "get viral" to make Tennessee and NISSAN Show me RESPECT? 

Governor Haslam Some Occupy Nashville Protestors Decided NOT to get Arrested and They were STILL Written About in the Tennessean.   

 "....Tyler Lawson, 25, of Mt. Juliet is employed as a sheet metal worker in a union. He was at the Thursday protest but said he decided not to get arrested because he had to work the next day...".  The Tennessean    October 30th

Why Did Kim Helper the Williamson County DA Aggressively Prosecute Sharyn Bovat... As an American I Want an Investigation.....Soon America will Want One Too.....

Video About NISSAN Fraud and Good Ole Boy Profiteering:

Why NISSAN Was Scared of Sharyn

Video of Abuse Sharyn Bovat has received in Tennessee from NISSAN and the State: 

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