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Bob Dickey is it True GANNETT is Getting Access to CIA Black Budget Money for it's Outrageous Offer of TRONC - Maybe James Comey Can Get the FBI to Investigate & Talk to Michael Ferro. iWas Told AFTER Next WikiLeaks Leak the TWA 800 & Lockerbie Bombing Truth MIGHT Happen, How Cool is That:):)

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Person with access to Julian Assange communicating w/me .... Evidently America can get morally healthy once MIC/CIA/Energy Clique Linked to Clinton & Blair exposed.  
Date: August 28, 2016 at 11:21:10 AM EDT
To: "" <>, Michael Reyes <>, Michael Dorris <>, "" <>,, DANIEPM5 <>,,,, "" <>

Here’s the deal…. I’m totally creeped out BUT hope what’s happening is gonna help make America healthy. Information is coming out could be a game changer:  The corrupt ppl that have controlled the world “might be losing power”…. After numerous ppl who are “well respected” talked to me it’s somewhat obvious PPL in the American Gov linked to the LEAKS…. & maybe the leaks are good for out country? 

Evidently the Next Leak is when I’m on a transatlantic cruise in late September.  I was hoping it would happen after i returned BUT  you can’t stop a runaway train so it’s happening when the ppl controlling the wiki leaks strings want it to happen.  

RIGHT NOW ppl are getting killed, the ppl that the CIA/MIC/Energy clique fear will provide the “ethical & courageous” Justice people with data that can incriminate them….that is why i did this blog post today.  Oddly immediately ppl from SAUDI looked at it?  Seems like ENERGY is a big factor in the “internal Battle of Control” happening 

Because of the fear good ppl will die during the next month of waiting for leaks GOOD people want the leak escalated. 

Recently i was told FOREIGN Fossil fuel profiteers & War Toy makers control the American courts (via judges)…. which makes sense since the TN courts seem to allow whacky /anti-enviromental companies to proceed with projects that WILL BE HAZARDOUS to the health of Americans.  Foreign Fossil Fuel Companies Control Courts VIA Funding the Campaigns of the Those That Appoint the Judges....They "were" working with Lobbyist/politicians that support For Profit Prisons. So many ppl are talking right now I can feel the “shift” to transparency.   

I was told the Lockerbie Truth & the TWA 800 truth are eminent, yet i won’t believe that will happen until i see it. 

The Mainstream media complicit in aiding the CIA/MIC/Energy clique is scared too.. Gannett’s outrageous offer to Tronc ( so they can control Floriday swing state news coverage & the LA times in indirectly funded by the CIA/black budget (can someone investigate, Jask Cashill?)  sortof like the Amazon guy buying the Washington post for 250 million in a deal that was “secretly linked” to their BIG almost Billion dollar CIA cloud deal. 

 Ppl really think the opportunity it “clean up” America is gonna happen we just need to make sure the news outlet cover the story. 


On Aug 27, 2016, at 6:16 PM, Sharyn Bovat <> wrote:

Feels good to finally be able to verbalize it 😏

Aug 18th 2015 i made YouTube to telling of 2nd server with her wiped emails  & just found out Hillary didn't know about it till "end of August"

iWas told it was my blog that tipped off FBI - anyway it explains why she sent Chelsea to my kids school to scare the crap out of me

My kids in blue tee next to Chelsea Clinton who visited my child's school a few weeks after I leaked the emails were recovers: a girlfriend  of Fed told me it was to send me a message: I checked & she wasn't scheduled to visit my kids school until after I tried to get huma & Hillary to answer ? About emails In Iowa ...

I'm now living in Virginia & going to ask my Senator (Kaine) to ask the FBI to make sure I'm not whacked.  This whole this is fricking weird!!!!

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