Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bob Dickey iTook a Creative Non-Fiction Course Through Arizona State University w/ Lee Gutkind & Dinty W. Moore HERE'S My Homework :):)

In October 2013 on a rainy DC afternoon i sat restlessly at Starbucks, traffic was light (congress was on recess) unusually early iStared at the Verizon Center across the street, my nerves were shot,  fiddling w/a sugar packet iWatched Mark Silverman a 63 year old newsman w/ an Ed Asner physic scan the room. Mark’s the only person i knew who would drop everything to meet with me, we just ended a 2 year affair. Gannett’s Pulitzer Prize nominated & Ben Bradlee Award winning editor arrived “on-time” placed his beige trench coat dripping with water on the seat next to mine.  Before heading  to check the status of his Latte he leaned toward me, looked into my eyes & confirmed the validity of what was relayed to me earlier “if you insist on a DNA test you will be  dead & quickly cremated”   

A few years later while attending a conference a few blocks away a man in suit so fancy it shined described Chatham House rules to me, i was then led to a secure floor:in the conference room seated a senior advisor to President Obama, i had just turned 50 & finally got closure on who my bio dad was.

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