Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bullying is Happening to My Child... Gannett MUST Report the NISSAN Story... She's Suffered for OVER 3 Years!!! Bob Dickey Help!

I've Been Abused 

by NISSAN for 

OVER 3 Years  - 

Need Help.... 


"We utilize a small variety of firms, relying heavily on our Nashville firms for corporate and local matters, and several regional and national firms for our litigation and distribution practice" across the Americas region.."  Andrew Tavi the head of NISSAN legal who offered me $$$ if I stopped blogging.   I didn't and then I was bullied, harassed, terrorized, jailed, humiliated and NOW have endured too much time fighting for human decency.  I have a child and NISSAN is cruel to whistleblower.  It's time someone told Baker Donelson to be RESPECTFUL.

By hiring an assortment of  "major firms" that hurts people like me. 
Having to use a small firm against a big corporation is a David vs. Goliath.  I'm going to ask the DOJ to help my lawyer give me my American rights that NISSAN is tampering with.

I've asked my lawyer to give me ALL the info that shows "we did our job" and it's NISSAN that's stalling.  

It's been relayed to me that NISSAN is "playing games" and racketeering is something I must look into.  Being jailed 3 times on "trumped up charges" and suffering massive bullying is wrong. The state has a LOT to gain by keeping me silent  NISSAN wants the DOE loan "written off"..

Already I've spoken to a DOJ lawyer who told me to sue civilly and I will go back and show them that I've tried to sue civilly but NISSAN does NOT play by the rules.  Andrew Tavi "if" I'm wrong PLEASE clarify.  I'm upset that depositions have NOT happened.... I was told your executives won't be deposed in reference to malicious prosecution of "me"....and issues about the Leaf.   Is that true?  

I'm angry and want justice.  

Mr. Tavi tell Baker Donelson to do their job.... 

If I've written anything that's incorrect contact me and I'll "clarify" I've done that for OVER 3 years.  

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