Thursday, September 6, 2012

Either Bob Dickey's Company Breaks on the the Top 10 Stories of the Year or Jack Abramoff. Who?

Bob Dickey are do you have balls that aren't GOLF?

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Bob Dickey and Jack Abramoff Which One of YOU WIll Break the Story? I was told if it breaks it will be one of the TOP 10 Stories of the Year. Global Fraud…..Crony Capitalism. Juicy…& True.
Date: September 6, 2012 11:09:30 AM CDT
To: rdickey@ Jack Abramoff 
Cc: Jonathan Collegio, Amelia Chasse, Brandon Howell "msilverman, "asmith  Ken Marrero cj, paul.chesser, Kathy Mcdonald , ""  "will.swaim "caharley Matt Kibbe - FreedomWorks  "">,">,"""michaelpatrickleahy  mishelleperkins, "kurtgpotter"

NISSAN Does Business with IRAN:  Why did the Treasury bank "fund" a 1.4 Billion dollar loan to a company that's on the Iran Watch list, A company that was taking money to build a car with "outdated technology" ....  It makes no sense.  Sales are down according to a green blog "Nissan Leaf with only 4,228 units sold this year"   The target is 20K this year (won't happen Japan has the capacity to build 50K. and the cars "really cost" about $80,000.00 each to make.  It's FRAUD. 

The capacity for the "Smyrna plant is 150K per year and it will NOT be utilized: The cars are NOT what they told Congress they would be.  

The contractor that built the EV battery plant only got 84 million.  I've been told the building is "empty" and they won't let people look at the progress.  NOBODY is investigating how are tax dollars are spend.  Why?

NISSAN Has about 6 Billion in US IDB Bond Debt.  Carlos Ghosn's NISSAN North America's Debt is 12 tImes NISSAN Globals Profits.  NISSAN is going to have to declare bankruptcy in North America and the collateral for the Dept.  of Energy loan is a 2 billion dollar IDB bond.  The people of Rutherford County are the one's whose property taxes will go up (at least 10%) to pay the debt. service.

YES!! Steven Chu's office allowed for the collateral to be a taxpayer backed IDB bond.  An Obama bundler (The Paul Weiss Law Firm) was used to "review" the bond for the Dept. of Energy.  I handed documents to Jeff Gray of the Inspector Generals office in January.  Earlier I had submitted complaints to the SEC, DOT, & the IGO.A pyramid Scheme has been going on for and I've blogged about it for over 3 years. I'm terrified. 

Gannett has known about this and  has NOT reported it. 

I was an early supporter of Mitt Romney because I thought he was ethical.  It seems like he's in "bed" with the same people as Obama?   If he were to act on this he could win the election.  I've noticed the people that funded Obama in 2008 are NOW funding Romney.  Why?

Americans who work hard & it's been confirmed that 401k's are going to plummet.  LOTS of middle and upper middle class people are going to suffer for decades because of their GREED.

Can Someone INVESTIGATE?  


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