Friday, July 6, 2012

Bob Dickey. When You Lay Off People Do YOU Pretend Your a Condor Pilot?

My mom had a friend in France who made me eat a bunny. Literally in her Paris apartment she had us to dinner and served rabbit. I did NOT want to eat it. Anyway. She's connected to my "Carnation Revolution" vacation in Portugal- which sucked. All I ever wanted was to be NORMAL.

When I was about my daughters age I asked my dads boss about the people thrown out of airplanes. He said it was a humane way to fight a war. They were dead before they hit the water.

I feel like the State of Tennessee was willing to "throw me out of an airplane"
They were going to jail an innocent person just "to win a war". The people in Tennessee are not worried about communist.... They're just greedy & Gannett's Greedy for NOT reported FRAUD.

Fuck you Gannett for NOT stopping it

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