Monday, March 24, 2014

James Comey of the FBI Please Tell Bob Dickey, Gracia Martore, Larry Kramer, Kate Marymont - Please Report The 80% Theory - I Already Emailed Those on the Lockerbie Cover Up & Others Begging They let the TRUTH Come Out.... Malaysia Has a Reason To Want a Cover Up.. Just Like the US Did with Pan Am 103 & TWA 800

Bob Dickey & Larry Kramer  when your done attending cocktail parties
think about reporting stories that don't "fuel the fire" for a cover up in the making...

The News coverage of missing flight MH370 "wrecks" of a cover up in the making... 

Those of use that have been around aviation disaster mixed with geo political maneuvering are sick to our stomachs- it's obvious to us that have "been there before the "disinformation campaign has started & the mainstream media is profiting from a tragedy that will most likely become a bigger one.  The Lockerbie Truth & the real facts of TWA flight 800 have been suppressed. Who gains "if" the Malaysian Air disaster is covered up... the owners of the airline that allowed for dangerous cargo.. they are the "same" as the country that was supposed to hire regulators that made sure "accidents" don't happen....

I want Frank Duggan, Richard Marquise, Darrell Mills, Buck Revell, Sir John Orr Clive Stanbrook, Judy O'Rourke, Brian Murtagh to INSIST that the facts not fiction is reported on MH370.... It's 80% the Batteries

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Just told how MH370 went down- good source can someone STOP this cover up? Malaysia does NOT want responsibility - Please NOT another Lockerbie 
Date: March 23, 2014 at 10:35:11 PM CDT
To: Mark Silverman <>, "" <>, Jonathan Collegio <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, Anita Househam <>, "" <>,, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, brian murtagh <>,

The words below are exactly how a source wrote them- I'm sure the FBI reading this knows its a valid opinion- 80% Malaysia owns the airline and is lying to the people - sad!!!   The news coverage is painful!!! 

the pilot probably turned the plane to the closest airport available to land the plane when he realized there was a fire. then smoke overcame them and everyone died from the smoke.  The fire went out when there was no more oxygen and the plane fly by itself until it ran out of fuel and crashed.  Everything was turned off because the pilots did it or the fire burned the wiring up.

they keep bringing up the pilots home simulator and the places he practiced. He was a professional training himself to be the best pilot possible. They are trying to paint him as unstable and planning to hijack the plane on a suicide mission to divert attention from the truth.

Maybe all the batteries were supposed to be divided into 2 shipments instead of one and they fucked up.

The above are my technical guy whose connected It's really sad... Please stop the pain of those searching for the TRUTH- the Malaysian 370 families don't deserve the pain as the TWA & Pan Am families


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