Saturday, September 15, 2012

Message to Gannett Elite..... I Need Health Insurance.... I'll Work for Anyone... Even YOU...

Gannett I cannot get a job because NISSAN destroyed my reputation after I whistle blew.  I exposed over 1 billion in fraud being done by a company that does business with IRAN.  NISSAN took over 1 billion to build a car with outdated technology and jobs they promised won’t happen.  Worse the collateral is an IDB bond that’s backed by the American taxpayers and the loan was funded by the treasury bank.   Y’all at the mainstream media know about it and won’t report it because your biased.  

Gannett Elite:  I can’t get a divorce until I can get a job because in America we have a horrible health insurance policies and divorced women are forced into bankruptcy because it’s difficult to find affordable coverage. NOW an Obama donor fired my daughters dad with a really “lame” reason. web stats show it was to stop me from blogging about Bloomberg doing business with companies that “fuel” Iran (NISSAN).   Anyway- I need to work so why don’t I work for you.... 

Here’s my pitch on being Gannett’s Center-Center Blogger.

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