Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hi Bob..... So Do YOU Need a Blogger?

Mark Silverman is a decent guy and ALSO the former editor of the Detroit News. He likes Vodka and WITH the Lexipro he was taking for Stress ( Gamnett executives Bob Dickey and Kate Marymont it's your fault... YOU would NOT let the paper report that his Mistress was being abused by the Obama Crony Capitalist). So the Vodka made the anti depressant into a "truth serum" I had Silverman by the balls in TWO ways. The facts proved to be true and he know I documented that Gannett was covering up for Obama.

I found out from America's Greatest editor that Carlos Ghosn had the SLEAZiEST reputation in the auto industry: He said Ghosn was
worse than the Lebanese guy that ran FORD. OMG!!!

Obama's Car Czar wanted to make Carlos Ghosn CEO of GM: didnt he look at the stats. Ghosn had led a company that reduced women from 20.9% in 2006. To 10% in 2009. The year I whistle blew.

Silverman told me A LOT.

You'd be Amazed!!!

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