Sunday, April 26, 2015

James Comey Tell the FBI Communications Team LOTS is Happening on the Lockerbie Bombing Front. I Think Buck Revell (FBI), Frank Duggan, Richard Marquise, Brian Murtagh, Sir John Orr, & Darrell Mills Might Be Seeking "Cover"... Hey John Brennan Did YOU Know the FBI Motto in the 90's Was "When the CIA Fucks Up We Cover-Up" ..... I Think They Were Sending Ya'll at the CIA a Message When Spouting That. I Sure Hope Ya'll Have Learned HOW to Share Intel~America Needs to NOT Have Another 9-11. God Bless America & Happy Sunday:):)

About six weeks after the bombing, I met Pamela Dix, whose brother, Peter, was murdered on the plane, along with the wives and girlfriends of other victims. They told me how shabby officials had shouted at them and corralled them and treated their legitimate questions as bizarre intrusions. click "here" to read more
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