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Bob Dickey of Gannet in Bed With CIA Drug Traffickers...... I'm 97% Sure..... Call Me Bob If I'm Wrong & I Will Clarify... All I Want is the Truth 615-944-7599

I Was told the Drug Trafficking is What Scares the People in Power at the CIA.
The fact is my family was mainly PILOTS.  All they did was "what they were told"....
Sharyn Bovat has been bullied by people connected to Panetta that Support the Drug trade.
well if that's the case just legalize marijuana  and tax it.   CIA Drug Profiteers .... How much do YOU want exposed?  Stop fucking with me .... It's time to Respect America;  The Senate should give you all immunity from prosecution just so people like me won't be terrorized.  YOU Need to retire.

NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn is CONNECTED to the CIA Drug Profiteers.  I've been bullied, slandered, jailed, harassed and abused because Carlos Ghosn is connected to some of the sleaziest people on the planet.... He has the CIA helping him.  It's time Average America got RESPECT!!!

If I'm wrong "let me know".... I will make clarifications ALL I want is the facts and to not fear for my life.  Thank you..... Sharyn Bovat  615-944-7599

from Wiki:
The CIA supported various Afghan rebel commanders, such as Mujahideen leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who were fighting against the government of Afghanistan and the forces of the Soviet Union which were its supporters.[3] Historian Alfred W. McCoy stated that:[4]

"In most cases, the CIA's role involved various forms of complicity, tolerance or studied ignorance about the trade, not any direct culpability in the actual trafficking ... [t]he CIA did not handle heroin, but it did provide its drug lord allies with transport, arms, and political protection. In sum, the CIA's role in the Southeast Asian heroin trade involved indirect complicity rather than direct culpability."


Stephen Preston CIA

(top lawyer at CIA)

Kline Preston

(My lawyer who texted me that Stephen Preston is his brother then he "said it was not true" why would he say it to begin with....  I've asked for an affidavit saying that Stephen Preston is NOT his brother and he won't provide it.  This man at minimum owes me an APOLOGY & an explanation.  Letting a 1st time misdemeanor go to a Jury trial is NOT normal.  The CIA wanted me discredited)

Michael Vickers CIA

(in line to take General Petraeus job)

Cal Vickers NISSAN
(FYI he reported to one of my NISSAN relocation clients I was told by a man connected to Marvin Runyon the former President of NISSAN North America and US Postmaster General who was connected to CIA that Cal Vickers was someone that I should fear.  He's part of the NISSAN "creepy" people.  I'M asking the Inspector General if he's related to Michael Vickers.  Also Michael Vickers will know about CIA drug trafficking linked to my family)

Mark Silverman Gannett

(former editor of the Tennessean who won the Ben Bradlee Award and got a Pulitzer nomination.  His wife got a "great " deal on her infiniti, Mark's son David got a job at NISSAN and later at Volkswagen.  Mark "enjoyed the perks"  Yes!!!  I was caught at the Ritz Carlton Kissing a month ago..... it's no biggy- he's my biographer!!!   NOTHING is going on & I will NOT confirm or deny anything in reference to Silverman. ALL that's happening is he's comforting me until this is OVER then I'm getting into a "normal" relationship...If your NOT married and living in the DC area call me.  Anyway Mark Silverman is a professional and has access to getting the facts and he vetted me - he knows I told the TRUTH and knows that I have NOBODY that wants to help me. We became friends and he's helping me by letting me "rant" about him.  I'm grateful for that. He knows there is  too much corruption in the CIA- Gannett's Bob Dickey is in Bed with the CIA)

Bob Dickey Gannett

(The guy in charge of "what goes in the News" he's responsible for the story of fraud, corruption and the bullying of me NOT happening.  The press is in bed with the CIA and it's infested with many diseases) 

Freddie Woodruff CIA

(CIA agent murdered in Georgia in 1993 - same year same year I was asked to go to Georgia on a democracy trip he was Mark Silverman's neighbor- This happened when Stephen Preston was Acting General Council for the DOD)

Scott  Becker NISSAN

(SVP of Administration & Finance Allowed the bullying of me to happen)

Greg Kelly NISSAN
(1st American Board member at NISSAN Motors in Japan.  His wife and I played tennis together, I was on her NALTA team for several years.  People thought I was corrupt because they thought we were friends.  The truth is we just played tennis together and I thought she was fun to spend time with.... Lots More on Greg Kelly )

Catherine Perez

(was the highest level woman at NISSAN. Known by many as CEO Carlos Ghosn's former mistress. She was a relocation client of mine. She liked touching my "ass"  she gave me a note saying she "loves me"  she took me to dinners and gave me gifts.  I wanted a job and flirted with her.... She told me NISSAN was having a SEVERE cash flow problem in 2009. The company was doing a hail Mary pass to stay alive.  The Dept. of Energy Loan was basically as "bailout" and provided the cash NISSAN needed... I learned from others at NISSAN the battery for the Leaf was with outdated technology, marketing purposely was wasting money, they wanted the illusion that the car would be mass produced BUT the batteries cells are expensive about 1,000 each (car uses 48 modules) and the battery would segregate FAST... All owners would need batteries replaced.  the company could NOT afford to have the leaf succeed.  The battery plant cost 84,000,000.  The question is Where is the 1,314,000,000.  I guess the 1.3 Billion was just to provide "Cash" so nissan could pay it's bills.  The company has low margins & can't afford to pay back the loan that is back NOT by NISSAN motors but is a Rutherford County IDB bond for 2 Billion.  Gannett (Mark Silverman's paper deleted ALL references to this when I told them about it.  Instead of reporting the news they "covered up" the fraud) Cal Vickers reported to Catherine & I have so MUCH more)

Sharyn Bovat

(me the NISSAN Whistleblower- who wants Respect)

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