Wednesday, August 20, 2014

James Comey Tell the FBI to Call Gracia Martore and Bob Dickey of Gannett I think We Can Solve the Steve McNair Murder and NOW That Chas Sisk, Knight Stivender & Mark Silverman are Gone Maybe Ya'll Will Report It in the Tennessean.. I Do Think Maria De Varenne Is Covering Up for People Too.... The Question is WHO?

  1. Bob Dickey- Your ex Ben Bradlee winning editor Mark Silverman just called me today to tell me I'm wrong about the Steve McNair cover up... which is odd...  since I emailed him, the FBI, & others on the 9th.  I've spoken to Mark a few times since & he did not bring it up UNTIL Chas Sisk announced he was leaving. Why did he not mention the McNair issue on the 15th?  What's odder is he NEVER had that "tone" on the McNair issue before.  VERY IMPORTANT  I've accused Chas Sisk of "not reporting" stories to protect the Good Ole Boy network & thought Gannett was letting him go cause he was corrupt BUT Mark says Chas wanted to leave.  Then I'm told by Mark that the reporting done by the Tennesseean during the Steve McNair murder was done "thoroughly" BUT had he really be levied that WHY did he tell me a few years ago to NOT blog about it cause it was "too dangerous".. then he was included on my emails to the Feds reaching out for help in solving the Steve McNair murder - actually I really just want a job... but if I have to solve the murder of a football player then OK... This is weird- NISSAN had several mysterious deaths at the plant in smyrna and I was told at least one was a murder NOW I learned that in Tennessee Titans a LOT of players have "died" weird deaths at young ages.. that is one of the few Steve McNair facts you'll find in the Tennessean .

    "Sadly, McNair's not the only Titan player to die at a young age.Since the team moved to Tennessee, at least eight players have perished. Former Titans running back Rodney Thomas became the most recent when he died on June 14..."  The Tennessean   link below

    1. Steve McNair not the only Titan to die young

    "Without seeing the evidence hands on of course I can't tell you that the Nashville police are wrong but there are a couple of things that I would take issue with. The biggest one from a forensic stand point is if you shoot five rounds from a gun there should be more than just trace gun powder residue on your hand. Also if the final shot was made with the right hand against the temple then there should have been some residue or brain matter on that hand as oppose to the opposite hand...."    

     "If McNair had some things around that condo (sex tapes, laptops & etc) that the public didn't need to see I am sure his boys took care of that...."   read link for more

    Steve McNair - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Place of death: Nashville, Tennessee ... Stephen LaTreal McNair (February 14, 1973 – July 4, 2009), nicknamed Air McNair, was an ... freshman in the fall of 1987, where he played football, baseball, and basketball in addition to running track.
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    But don't expect the former Vanderbilt basketball player to name names. "I'm not going to put any of my teammates out there like that," Fuller ...
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