Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bob Dickey: Can I Represent YOU at the RNC Convention?

Maybe at the RNC convention I'll see Mary?

Kudos to Future Senator Mack

Bob Dickey are We Having Coffee?


I just told Silverman that Reston is the Walnut Creek of Virginia.  Mr. Lesher used to tell me of the Utopis Urban Suburban plans he had for Contra Costa County in Northern California.  That man is a publisher that RESPECTED all people.  Dean Lesher was the man that got me "into" research for the Reagan people.  He told me to ALWAYS tell the truth.  Dianne Feinstein told me to "speak up" if I saw a problem.  I did speak up and that US Senator has hurt my feeling for NOT dealing with the problems.


It's time to RESPECT the Whistleblower.

Can I work for Gannett?  NISSAN made me UNEMPLOYABLE & Your paper refused to tell the story of mass DOE fraud to protect Obama.

Sir, I want my child OUT of Tennessee and schools in Virginia start after the RNC convention.  Mark told me Fairfax is the best.  I was told she'll have a LOT of catching up to do after spending so much time in the Tennessee educational system.  It's sad that "ignorance" is what's served in that Southern State.  Did you know about he bill that wanted to jail teachers if they mentioned the homosexual lifestyle.   It's a society that wants gays downgraded - they respect dogs more.   It's TRUE.

Fun Fact:
Mitt Romney could have needed a pardon from his buddy Bill Haslam in Tennessee for the "ruff roof" thing.   OMG!!!   I don't care Romney is connected to sleazy southerners   HELLO Obama is destroying the economy and the American dream.

Tennessee House Bill 212 will make it a Class C misdemeanor to allow your dog to ride unrestrained in the front seat of your vehicle.    FYI- I think the bill was "rolled over"......

Sharyn Bovat suffered 19 months in the Tennessee courts..... jailed 3 times, forced to pay  $50 fine, excessive court fees, lawyer fees ALL for a crime = to this..... OMG!!!
What did Sharyn Bovat do?

She complained that NISSAN was taking taxpayer money KNOWING they were committing fraud.
Members of a Good Ole Boy network were enjoying time at the trough.    The company deals with IRAN..... HELLO!!!!

Just think if Mitt Romney lived in Tennessee he too would be asking Bill Haslam for an exoneration and expungement.....

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